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A Chat With Chad, Creator of California Cheri Casino Hold’em – Pt 2

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My strategic partner, Poker Royalty (specially their head of Business Development, James Sullivan,) said something interesting to me the first time we met. (He and some of his players had had a chance to review the game.) He said that five years ago, no one was playing Texas Hold’em. (Comparatively.) He said there was no reason that in five years, millions of people won’t be playing California Hold’em.


I think it is vital to get the Cheri Casino game online to give it exposure, but I’ve had great feedback from top players (sorry I can’t name any names, but I’d have to pay for their endorsements.) But, in private, I’ve had some very big names tell me they really like the game and would be there if there are tournaments or other TV opportunities. My problem in that vein is that most of the networks who offer poker have ‘backed their horses’ for awhile. I’d have to ride in on an existing show or tour.


Whereas I believe the viewers will be there if the pros are, realistically, I’ll need a couple years of traction before I hit the networks. Because of the money involved in poker, corporate interests are actually purchasing the air slots of poker shows in advance of production, so it’s a highly competitive market. My plan is to get the game an online home, or homes, and to allow the game to grow from word of mouth and perhaps some endorsement or partnerships with top players. (I am working on this but cannot say more right now.)


I am dealing with one major hurdle that Cheri Casino Texas Hold’em doesn’t have. Since I intend to make money on my game, I cannot offer it online and also get it licensed for play in Nevada and New Jersey (as well as some other markets.) I am being very careful to adhere to the complex legal restrictions associated with my offering, which is why I scrapped my initial hope to have my own site. I cannot participate in the rake or make management decisions for gambling sites. And because of gaming commission rules, I cannot have both brick-and-mortar revenues in Nevada or New Jersey and make money from online licensing. So I’ve been weighing my options and believe it would be the best method to try to find online licensees and hope the laws change in the next few years. I do plan to try to get the game introduced to some overseas casinos and would really like the game to catch on in Macau, where the image of California is almost irrationally glamorized.


In the next weeks, I will be further down the track talking to some interested companies. Poker Royalty has given me great access to the top companies in the industry and there is a very healthy level of interest.


In the end, I have to determine both what online sites are interested and whether I will have any top players directly involved. I am engaged in both efforts and it’s been very exciting so far. Hopefully I will have something to report soon. I am hoping some of the opportunities I’m discussing with certain people bear fruit. It could vastly change the landscape. But for now I’m keeping the cart behind the horse.




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