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1xbetSoftware provider Cryptologic take on Andrew Goestsch



CryptoLogic Inc. a leading 1xbetsoftware developer to the global Internet gaming market have announced today the appointment of Andrew Goetsch as Vice President of Poker Software Development.


Goetsch’s extensive strategic planning and poker experience will help the company continue the development of its software product plans in this fastest-growing segment of the global Internet gaming market.


“The popularity of our poker technology continues to rise, and Andrew Goetsch will help CryptoLogic enhance its product strategy in this very dynamic market,” said Lewis Rose, CryptoLogic’s President and CEO. “As a smart business strategist, accomplished executive and serious poker player, Andrew will be a great asset to ensure CryptoLogic continues to hold a winning hand.’


Goetsch is an avid 1xbet poker player who has had several final table appearances, and more than 200 ‘in the money’ finishes in tournaments held both online and around the world, including a main event in this year’s World Series of Poker.


His gaming knowledge extends to both the online poker room environment and consulting for various Internet gaming sites. As a senior executive with 18 years experience in strategic planning, technology, finance and mergers and acquisitions, Goetsch has increased sales and profits for consumer goods and manufacturing companies and negotiated more than a dozen acquisitions. He obtained his Certified Public Accountant while working at one of the big accounting firms.


Goetsch’s expertise and insights about online and land-based poker gaming and tournaments give him a strong background to lead CryptoLogic’s dedicated poker product team. His priorities include further development of the company’s successful Internet poker offering, particularly in expanding new game, table and bet type variations, optimizing satellite tournament functionality and enhancing customer support and back-office management capabilities.


“CryptoLogic is the global leader in Internet gaming software, and has very quickly attained a leading position in the amazing growth area of online poker,” Goetsch said. “I’m excited to join this talented team known for both integrity and innovation, and take their poker technology to new heights to offer even more excitement to licensees’ players all over the world.”


Internet poker is a key strategic focus for CryptoLogic, having grown rapidly to account for more than 20% of the company’s revenue in the first three quarters of 2004. CryptoLogic-developed software powers one of the top five highest revenue-generating poker rooms on the Internet, according to PokerPulse, an …

Togel Singapore

Manufacture Luck In Togel SingaporePoker



Legends of Togel SingaporePoker would often tell you that relying on luck is the best way to lose a game. Outside the Poker world, luck is said to be an important factor in winning games. However, once you sit at the table all that matters is the hard work you have put in before the game and the planning that you have done prior to sitting at the table. Like Vince Lombard once said – ‘The harder we work, the luckier we get.’ However, it cannot be ruled out that luck is a vital factor in Poker games. The fact is luck in poker works differently.


One might have noticed how bad Togel Singaporeplayers get lucky most of the time. They manage to win pot odds from nowhere, make unbelievable catches and fill up a bottom two pair against an opponent with a top pair. For bad players, luck always seems to give them an edge. The truth is only bad players need luck and they can win only when they get lucky. Believe it or not, this could be a natural design.


Good players, on the other hand, play their Togel Singaporebest and use their best strategies to win the game. Of course, they do get lucky at times when they make a flush draw on the river card. However, this may not be entirely luck at play. Good players would have been getting pot odds on that draw and would have built the pot correctly too. In their case, it is more of mathematical analysis than pure luck. It is not lucky when AA beats J9. Good players try their best not to rely on luck.


It would sound funny to you when your opponent tells you that you were lucky to have won the game when he threw away his hand. It is funny because you had intended to knock him out with the re-raise. In this case, it is not luck. It is creating an opportunity. Here, you are forcing an opponent to make you lucky and not depending directly on good fortune to win. There is another example of good players manufacturing opportunities. When they are in a pot with a player who over-bets his hand and gives them the additional bets, they are accused of being ‘lucky.’ The fact is they have extracted the bets from …

Swish Prediksi HK Casino Launch The Swish Poker Tour

The 2005 first Swish Poker Tour seems set to be one of the more unique poker events of the New Year. Modeled after the enormously popular televised poker events such as the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour, the Swish Poker Tour promises cash weekly prizes and many other prizes.

All you need is a computer with internet access and you can compete on the Swish Poker Tour which is available throughout the world. Starting in January 2005 all players rankings and scores will be set to zero and the action will begin. Every Sunday from then onwards at 11pm EST an event will be held via the software, all events will be standard no limit texas hold ’em with a buy-in fee of $20. Points and of course cash will be awarded to the best finishing players with the top monthly players getting additional money or rewards. Each month the tour starts again, giving all players a shot at the big time. Prediksi HK website owner and industry expert, Tony G, has no doubts about the potential success of the Swish Poker Tour, “The online poker industry is desperately in need for something that follows the structure of the television events seen every day. It’ll be a huge hit!”

Swish Poker hope to attract 1,000 regular players on The Swish Poker Tour. A number which would certainly provide a large prize pool each week.

No Language Mountain High Enough For Everest Poker

Everest Poker have taken a step ahead of many other online poker sites by becoming multi-lingual. Grand Virtual Inc’ the software provider for Everest Poker can currently serve eight different language markets; Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portugese and Spanish. This should pave the way for millions of potential new poker players to join in the online action.

Jennifer Joyce, from Grand Virtual says “We decided to go multi-lingual because the software is powered by Grand Virtual, Inc, which has always been a leader in online gaming software that is localized by language market. We were one of the first to launch multi-lingual Casino software in 1997. Currently, our casino product supports 16 languages and we have in-house translation, marketing, and 24/7 customer support for all those language markets. We believe that by localizing the poker product we can bring the game of poker to more people. Professional poker players in …

Judi Online24jam

The house always wins – Judi Online24jam



So obesity, according to Minart, is “both a real threat and a real business. The pharmaceutical business is the second-largest investor in volume behind the automobile industry in this country, where more than half of the population Judi Online24jam has no health insurance.” He says “this may be the land of the hamburger – but hamburger is not good for your health. Junk food plus TV equals short life.”


Now there’s something even juicier in the horizon. The first results of a new medicine that acts directly on the causes of obesity were revealed at the latest congress of the American College of Cardiology. “It has a revolutionary potential,” says Minart. This latest frontier is a smart drug – a weight-loss pill. “It acts directly on the rewarding centers in the brain, so you have less stimulation. The same receptors are found in the adipocytes [fat cells]. The drug has a central action over the centers of pleasure and Judi Online24jam the adipocytes. The result: you eat less, you stop smoking and your waistline is reduced.”


The whole, multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry is involved in this breakthrough. “The first smart drug was Prozac. Another great example is Viagra. Prozac, Viagra and the weight-loss pill are lifestyle drugs.” Sipping the last of his martini, paying no attention to the chill-out lounge music on offer, but always pointing out potential stroke victims crowding at the bar, Minart enunciates his formula for the future: “Be positive, take Prozac. Have good sex, take Viagra. Look smart, take the weight-loss pill.” Cynics would argue about the side effects on the libido. The answer would be circular: take more Viagra.


America is already a pill-popping nation – and there’s many a place in Vegas, including the Tabu ultra-lounge, where patrons happily imbibe their “secstasy cocktails”, Viagra included. But if a combination of Prozac, Viagra and the weight-loss pill Judi Online24jam may represent the ultimate bright future of the American consuming hordes, there’s always that nagging question of money, and where will it come from to finance so much fun?


Bring on the dancing fountains


Answering this question requires a tortuous pilgrimage through the interconnected bowels of casino-land as we look for a specialist in casino economics. We’re ultimately lucky: we find a character who is happy to talk but requires anonymity. Let’s call him …

Situs Judi Online

Web Poker Online – MutiaraPoker – Situs Judi Online



MutiaraPoker adalah situs Poker Indonesia yang populer saat ini di kalangan pecinta permainan Indonesia Poker Online saat ini, karena kemudahan transaksi yang di tawarkan Game Poker Indonesia melalui bank bank lokal yang tersedia di Indonesia, serta Promo Poker yang selalu di berikan bagi para member setia nya Situs Judi Online dan juga permainan yang murni 100% pemain vs pemain demi menjaga sportivitas Game Poker, menjadikan Web Poker Online semakin banyak di minati semua kalangan karena saat ini anda juga bisa bermain melalui smartphone kesayangan anda kapan saja dan di mana saja. Dan merekomendasikan situs ini dari Daftar Agen Poker Indonesia :


Ayo tunggu apalagi, segera daftar dan Situs Judi Online buktikan kemampuan dan strategi anda di Meja Poker dan dapatkan kemenangan yang fantastis serta bonus Promo Poker yang menarik dan menguntungkan anda tentu nya sebagai pemain Poker Online Indonesia.




Cara Daftar Web Poker Online – MutiaraPoker – Situs Judi Online


Setelah anda menekan gambar “Daftar” yang disediakan di atas, anda akan langsung di arahkan ke halaman utama situs poker terpercaya pilihan anda, hanya dengan melakukan pendaftaran yang cukup singkat dengan menekan menu/tombol “Daftar” yang di sediakan seperti yang terlihat pada gambar di bawah ini, anda sudah bisa mendapatkan akun untuk permainan poker anda secara gratis.


Keluaran hk

Game Kasino Online – Keluaran hk



Beberapa kasino roulette online Keluaran hk juga tersedia dan Anda juga dapat menemukan permainan kasino gratis. Seorang pemain hanya dapat menerapkan strategi kehidupan nyata tertentu saat berpartisipasi dalam permainan kasino gratis. Permainan kasino ini memungkinkan Anda untuk bermain seperti seorang profesional, jika Anda memiliki cukup keinginan dan pengalaman dalam permainan ini. Jika Anda ingin memenangkan permainan ini, maka Anda pikir Anda adalah seorang profesional. Jika Anda belum mencoba permainan kasino online gratis maka sekarang adalah waktu yang tepat untuk mencoba permainan judi online ini.


Untuk memainkan permainan kasino online gratis, tidak apa-apa jika Anda tidak memiliki keterampilan internet. Aturan permainan ini pada dasarnya sama. Ini akan menawarkan desain asli dengan sedikit perubahan pada aturan. Juga tidak masalah jika Anda memiliki pengalaman kasino sebelumnya, adalah bijaksana untuk mempelajari keterampilan baru untuk perjudian online. Manfaat permainan kasino gratis tidak terbatas untuk satu pemain dan mereka juga merupakan alat yang sempurna untuk menjadi pemain yang lebih baik. Kasino online ini juga memberi Anda kesempatan untuk mencoba melawan pemain internasional.

Sekarang ada lebih dari seratus permainan kasino online gratis yang bisa dimainkan kapan saja. Jenis kasino online ini dapat memberi Anda semua informasi yang mungkin Anda butuhkan di setiap langkah.


Permainan Keluaran hk kasino gratis telah dan akan selalu menjadi hiburan terbesar di antara orang dewasa. Tidak heran jika para penggemar judi mengunjungi kota-kota judi seperti Las Vegas, Makau, atau Monte Carlo untuk memuaskan dahaga mereka akan judi.


Tetapi bagaimana jika Keluaran hk kasino internet menghadirkan sensasi kasino darat dari jalanan Las Vegas atau Makau ke kenyamanan ruang tamu Anda? Apakah Anda masih ingin menginvestasikan waktu dan uang Anda untuk merencanakan perjalanan Anda ke pusat permainan ini? Jika jawaban Anda tidak, maka ambillah kasino online terkemuka dari daftar besar kasino internet. Tetapi pastikan bahwa kasino internet yang Anda pilih, dan di mana Anda telah memutuskan untuk bertaruh, menawarkan permainan kasino gratis serta pilihan perjudian dengan penghasilan nyata.


Selain itu, untuk banyak permainan kasino gratis seperti Blackjack, Poker, Craps, dan Roulette, Anda harus mengikuti teknik terkait yang tidak dapat dikuasai dengan latihan ekstensif pada permainan kasino lalu lintas gratis. Jadi, pastikan sebelum Anda bertaruh dengan uang sungguhan bahwa Anda meluangkan waktu untuk berlatih di permainan kasino gratis.



Judi Poker Togel Online Alternatif Saham Bagi Pebisnis Online



Jika Anda adalah orang yang jeli dan cermat, tentunya sering membandingkan antara bermain game judi dengan bermain saham yang sering dilakukan oleh para kongklomerat yang ada di Indonesia. Pada dasarnya, keduanya memiliki kesamaan yang cukup jelas. Bahkan ada yang berpendapat bahwa judi poker online alternatif saham adalah hal yang bisa dicoba oleh Anda yang seorang pebisnis ulung. Togel Salah satu kesamaan tersebut adlah sama-sama memperoleh keuntungan dalam bentuk uang dengan cara online. Namun, bermain game judi poker lebih menguntungkan dibandingkan bermain saham. Hal tersebut disebabkan karena saat Anda bermain poker online, anggaran yang Anda miliki bisa lebih tertata dengan baik.


Hal ini berbeda dengan saat Anda bermain saham di bursa saham. Yang mana Anda tidak bisa memantau anggaran dengan baik. Hal inilah yang menjadikan banyak pemain saham juga harus waspadai dan hati-hati saat bermain saham. Togel Sekali salah dalam memastikan kondisi, tentunya kerugian besar akan didapatkan. Begitu pula saat Anda bermain judi poker. Sekali Anda tidak fokus dalam bermain judi poker, bisa dipastikan kegagalan akan Anda dapatkan. Bahkan tidak jarang, karena kegagalan yang Anda terima, lantas membuat pemain poker bernafsu untuk membalaskan dendam agar bisa mendapatkan keuntungannya kembali. Namun, ternyata yang ia dapatkan malah sebaliknya. Yakni kerugian yang lebih besar dibandingkan sebelumnya.


Pemilihan agen jika Togel Anda ingin menjadikan judi poker online alternatif saham sangat penting. Dengan bantuan agen terpercaya seperti, Anda bisa mendapatkan banyak sekali keuntungan. Salah satunya bisa mendapatkan banyak bonus, diskon dan juga berbagai hadiah menarik lain yang tentunya tidak akan kalah menarik saat Anda bermain saham di bursa saham Indonesia.


 … promo code

How can we save our money by using the promo code?



In the world of gambling, it is mandatory that whenever we get an opportunity of saving our money, we should always go for that because gambling is all about saving money and earning profit. If you are a gambler, you should never miss a single opportunity to save your money; promo codes are one of those opportunities.


In online gambling, we are provided with plenty of promo codes, which we can use in our play, and by using those promo codes, we will get exciting rewards and bonuses. And instead of investing heavy capital in gambling, we can invest half capital and half bonus in a game so that if we lose the game by default, then also we do not have to face a huge loss. This is how you can do smart work and save you money for the upcoming tasks.


All you need to know about promo code?


Apart from the description mentioned above, there is a promo code that is gaining popularity in gambling, and that promo code is named promo code. This is the fascinating promo code, which helps the individuals get rewards and bonuses; still, many individuals are a little confused that how they can use this bonus in their game. For them, there are some steps that they need to follow to easily and effectively use this promo code.

Check out the steps of using the promo code


  • Reveal the code given by the platform


  • Now you need to copy the given code so that you will not make any mistake in writing the code in the given box.


  • Once you copy the given promo code, you need to go to that box in which you can fill up the promo code


  • Now press the paste button to fill up the promo code in the box.


  • Once the promo code has been filled accurately in the given box, press the submit button.


  • After pressing the submit button, lay back and wait for the bonus to add to your account.


  • After 2 or 3 seconds, you will get a notification of bonus and reward.



The final verdict


At last, we are here with the closure, in which we can say that promo code is the best promo coded to be used in your game, and …


Gambling online Regulation In The particular USA


If you intend about obtaining some exercise utilizing an on-line gambling website and also intend to discover regarding the various guidelines, have a look at our dedicated gambling regulations region. Attempt them out there on your own to be able to see if they will associate efficiently with their linked betting website. Inevitably, worries of validity almost all return to the spot of the betting establishment or where the internet site runs out of. Check out the web link listed below to check out several of these kinds of preferred and also simple applications. Upon the web hyperlink the following, we share guidance concerning a few of typically the ideal online gambling establishments, exactly how to be able to locate and likewise utilize them, because well as exactly how being included along with them will definitely contrast to some land-based gambling establishment. Likely to discover suggested sites on various sorts of events since well as sports activities. At DeluxeCasinoBonus, we are everything concerning top quality, as well as, you can uncover great deals associated with complimentary no get video games coming from leading ideal programmers.

Whether you’re the high risk, texas holds them gamer, or sharp wearing activities wagerer, knowing the leading gambling websites’ genuine funds down payments is a must. When sports activities betting has blown up, a core number of wagerers stays to learn the races. Among the list of fastest-growing sectors both in the sporting actions and pc video gaming globes, using on-line physical activities wagering websites has blown up from a particular niche technique to be able to a well-liked technique in order to obtain activity about showing off occasions. Therefore it makes sense as nicely as it is essential for you personally also that you register for your togel video gaming information e-newsletter from a reputable resource to ensure that you do not necessarily obtain lugged away by reports that will might be drifting in the market. While great luck is really a important aspect of casino poker, with a big emphasis, you can outsmart your current challengers.

The simple to use looks of those websites are just one of the major factors right behind the increasing attractiveness of these pc gaming systems within the web as nicely. Having been fitted together with this premium quality, a person will certainly are able to access right directly into these websites with any kind of kind …

togel online

Online Casino Rising Without Burning


Essentially, online casinos offer you the possibility to guess over the online without the need to go to a land-primarily based online gambling casino. You might do every little thing there what you might do in a land-based, mostly casino, taking part in your most cherished roulette, tossing dices, turning on large stake spaces, yet all that while sitting in your snug, easy chair without the necessity to leave your property once more. You possibly can play each one of many kinds of betting video games in an online casino, together with but not constrained to spaces, video openings, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker, video poker, scratch card, keno, arcade recreations, and far more.

There are several smaller Indiana casinos, as well, including the Majestic Star in Gary, additionally open 24 hours, with 43,000 square feet, 1,600 slots, and 47 table video games, and the Horseshoe On line casino, in Hammond, with 42,573 square toes, 2,000 slots, 49 table games, several bars, and eating places. The nation had no gambling within the country for almost its whole history, but now almost the entire gates are open for gambling. Bonuses are straightforward to claim – Prime on-line togel hongkong casinos in the USA offer plenty of bonuses to US gamblers. What kinds of rewards are offered by the net Casinos? What sorts of rewards are supplied by the online Casinos? Online casinos have developed into a rage up to now few years. These are few main forms of the online betting system. However, this is not a good idea in case you are serious about limiting your loss. Coping with the pot size needs emotional discipline, good profiling, and an experienced view of neighborhood card texture.

Now that leads to the largest advantage of controlling the pot’s dimensions, which is that you get to see all the neighborhood playing cards before you resolve what to do by way of your hand energy and your opponent’s propensity to make an error. The simple actuality of your opponent attempting to be in hand gives extra credibility to a narrow vary of gap cards he could also be holding. Thus, it is important to look at your moves throughout a hand and have the foresight to know what the future result could also be. I’ve seen many gamers in poker video games online tournaments have a look at a fair power draw on the …

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