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Bookie Sentenced in Net สล็อตยูฟ่า แตกง่าย Gambling Case

A federal court in New York has sentenced the first person to stand trial for operating an offshore gambling business that unlawfully accepts bets from Americans over the Internet.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Griesa sentenced Jay Cohen, co-owner of Antigua-based World Sports Exchange, to 21 months in prison followed by two years of supervised release, in addition to a $5,000 fine (US$) and an $800 special assessment.

“People who operate businesses from foreign shores that take sports bets from Americans should understand that they cannot escape the consequences of their actions by locating their sportsbooks outside the United States,” said U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White.

“An Internet communication is no different [from] a telephone call for purposes of liability under the Wire Wager Act,” White said.

Phone Home

In late February, following a two-week trial, a federal jury convicted Cohen under the Wire Wager Act, which prohibits the use of telephone lines in interstate or foreign commerce to place bets on sporting events, and also bars the transmission of information that assists in betting.

Prosecutors said Cohen solicited Americans to call his business using toll-free numbers and to contact it via the World Sports Exchange Web site. The company also solicited customers through newspaper and magazine ads, the government said.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Americans were encouraged to set up สล็อตยูฟ่า แตกง่าย  sports betting accounts with World Sports Exchange, to wire money to fund the account, and to bet on American sporting events and contests.

Playing the Fugitive

Although Cohen holds the distinction of being the first person to stand trial under the Wire Wager Act, other defendants have been charged under the law.

In a 1998 case, 21 people were charged for their involvement in operations that allegedly took money from Americans for sports betting using the Internet and telephone. Ten of them pled guilty to conspiring to violate the act, and three pled guilty to related misdemeanor charges.

Seven of the defendants in that case, including three alleged co-conspirators of Cohen, are fugitives, the government said.

Bird on a Wire

Federal legislators have not yet enacted laws specifically aimed at Internet gambling. The conviction and sentencing of Cohen was therefore a victory for prosecutors who established that existing laws can be applied to Internet gambling.

In July, a bill that would have banned online betting stalled in the U.S. House of Representatives, after it fell 25 …

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The Private Life of Surinder Sunar

At the beginning of our Poker interview, I asked Surinder how old he is. He answered that he is a very private poker person and didn’t want to answer any personal questions. I panicked. How is it possible to paint a picture of a person who won’t answer any personal questions? I told him that his age wasn’t all that personal compared to what I had in mind to ask him!


He answered that he is either 43 or 44, and that he couldn’t remember which. But his accent was so appealing, with hints of India and hints of proper English, that one couldn’t get too frustrated with the man who has an absolute perfect “poker” face, whether or not it’s necessary. I asked if he remembered the date he was born, and he said it was in April and that I would laugh. So, being a dedicated journalist, I burst out laughing and asked: You were born on April Fools’ Day??? The interview was off to a good start, I thought.


Having been a practicing criminal defense attorney for more than 20 years, I have been well-schooled in the art of cross-examination. Young lawyers learn that when a witness does not answer a question, there are myriads of ways to disguise the same topic and ask it again and again until the necessary information is elicited. So, I continued to ask Surinder about his love life, only to have him artfully duck the question.


About two hours into the interview, when I asked yet another question about his private life, he looked at me quizzically and inquired with his marvelous Indian accent as to whether I was going to keep asking about the same thing over and over again. I guess I wasn’t fooling him! I told him that perhaps at his victory party, he and his friends might drink enough so that I would get some juicy information. He responded that I would have to show up to see.



The Victory Party

We arrived at the victory party to find Bruno Fitoussi talking about what a fabulous poker tournament it was and how well Surinder played. I was seated between Surinder and WPT Producer Steve Lipscomb, who talked about the fact that this may very well be the best show ever.


How disappointing! I wanted some juicy gossip about Surinder, and would …

Togel Singapore to Develop Pay-to-Play Judi Bola Online Game

PRESS RELEASE A- Inc., a fast growing entertainment site and application service provider (ASP), today announced that they are developing an innovative skill based bingo game that will enable the company to operate Bingo in a ‘Play for Pay’ format in all of the jurisdictions that allow games of skill to be played for money.

Shane Murphy, Chairman, CEO and President of, said, “The Company is in a unique position to offer this type of game to its already established membership base of 700,000 loyal bingo enthusiasts. The development of this patented bingo game will revolutionize online Bingo worldwide.” — recently ranked as the “Stickiest Site on the Web” for several consecutive months by Media Metrix — operates a Web site offering free casino-style games and, in addition, is an application service provider (ASP).

The company’s game offerings include multiplayer bingo, video poker, concentration games, sweepstakes and slot machines. also offers affinity programs that provide use

Kismet Studios Launches Online Backgammon

Xpress Press — Kismet Studios Ltd, a developer of Togel Singapore  gaming technology for wireless and internet real-money games, announces the addition of head-to-head gambling engine to its secure gaming platform, the Kismet Gaming System, and the release of its first head-to-head gambling game – Backgammon.

Players can now, for the first time on the internet, gamble on backgammon against live opponents at Kismet’s showcase site

Online casinos have only offered traditional casino style games, such as Blackjack and Roulette, and limited multi-player games where a number of players sit at a table but play against the house, not against each other. Head-to-head games offer online casino operators an extremely viral addition to their gaming sites while offering players a compelling, new type of online gambling experience.

Kismet is now developing gambling versions of head-to-head board games to be made available through its partner’s sites. Kismet ultimately plans to use the technology to enable head-to-head gambling through third party video games, such as racing, first-person-shooter and sports games.

With the advent of the new head-to-head gaming engine, Kismet is also introducing new features, including “skin” capability which will allow it to customize the look and feel of its games and sites extremely quickly to meet its partner’s needs.

An improved on-line chat now offers emoticons and private chat rooms. Kismet’s next-generation gaming platform, the Kismet Gaming System, supports a variety of game models – …

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Platini’s Fall to Qiu Qiu Online Pkv Earth

Michel Platini’s football career looks finished and whatever the circumstances, the sport has lost a major figure.

Platini’s Fall to Earth.

Even if he was corrupt and untrustworthy, his status as one of the greatest footballers of the modern era and the greatest French player of all time means his exit stage left from the game is tinged with a little melancholy.

This week the former UEFA President resigned from that organisation after his appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport only reduced his FIFA-imposed ban on footballing activities to four years instead of clearing him as he had hoped.

Platini was banned for eight years last December for accepting a payment of £1.3 million from FIFA President Sepp Blatter in 2011 without proper paperwork.

The pair had claimed there had been a gentleman’s agreement in place for Blatter to pay Platini for consultancy work he had performed between 1998 and 2002, but prosecutors instead believed the pair were putting their hands in the Qiu Qiu Online Pkv FIFA till and Blatter was using the money to grease the wheels of power a few months before his presidential election.

It is remarkable how Platini ruined his otherwise excellent chances of becoming the chief of world soccer– his golden playing career had made him universally admired outside the corridors of power while within Zurich he was valued as head of UEFA and a loyal Blatterite.

As he ascended the greasy pole at FIFA he carried the benefit of fans’ doubt because unlike the rest of the world governing body’s hierarchy, Franz Beckenbauer excluded, he had been a player, and a great one too. He was in effect a golden shoe-in for the top job in football.

How sad that for now his amazing playing career – winning the European Championship scoring nine goals in five games, bagging the European Cup, Cup Winners’ Cup, Ligue 1, two Serie A titles, Coupe de France, Coppa Italia and three Ballons D’Or, is sent far into the shadows while his tainted footballing political career implodes before our eyes.

His playing prowess will probably never be forgotten but his descent into FIFA corruption is a bitter coda to his otherwise glittering soccer life.

On the other hand, Platini probably only has himself to blame for inserting himself in the hierarchy of the sinking ship skippered by Sepp and partaking in their nefarious deeds.

His faux-pas …


The J. League Togel Awards



With the Japanese season currently ensconced in its long winter hibernation, it’s time to look back on some of the movers and shakers of the 2008 season, as Soccerphile hands out its J. League awards!


Team of the year – Oita Trinita


Both Kashima Antlers and Gamba Osaka deserve accolades – the former for winning back-to-back J. League titles and the latter for lifting an AFC Champions League/Emperor’s Cup double.


But few could begrudge the nomination of Kyushu club Oita Trinita as team of the season.


Not only did coach Pericles Chamusca Togel transform his outfit from potential relegation candidates to a genuine title contender, but he also lifted the first ever J. League trophy in Kyushu’s football history, as Oita Trinita lifted the 2008 Yamazaki Nabisco League Cup crown.


They were rarely pretty to watch – Oita combined the best defence in the league with one of the most goal-shy attacks – but they enriched Japanese football by threatening the hegemony of teams from the Kantō plain. Long may it continue.


Best stadium – Nack5 Stadium Omiya


The name might be tragic, but Omiya Ardija’s revamped Omiya Park Stadium wins the gong for the best new top-flight ground – by virtue of the fact that it’s the only new top-flight ground.


It was actually inaugurated towards the back end of the 2007 campaign, but this being Omiya’s first full season in their new home, the Squirrels earn the crown of best stadium on the basis of a compact design, excellent sightlines and the wonderful standing terraces behind the goals.


Now if Omiya could only fill it to its 15,500 capacity on a regular basis, it may just become the fortress that Ardija officials were originally hoping for.


Best supporters – JEF United


Whether from Chiba, Ichihara or anyone else within the region, JEF United fans packed Fukuda Denshi Arena on a consistent basis, despite the fact that their team spent virtually the entire campaign languishing in the relegation zone.


Full houses at home lead to crucial victories over the likes of Kashima Antlers and Urawa Reds, and when United went 2-0 down to FC Tokyo on the final day in a match they had to win in order to avoid relegation, their legion of yellow-clad fanatics willed the team home to an incredible 4-2 come-from-behind …

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Qatar v Uzbekistan: A match minus the Togel Online football



The flights to Doha were booked without complication, accommodation was effortlessly secured, and match tickets were purchased with ease. My introductory experiences of international tournaments have rarely unfolded with such simplicity.


Faz and I arrived at the Khalifa Stadium in Doha last night genuinely excited at the prospect of witnessing the opening ceremony of the Asian Cup. The deafening and visually spectacular pre-match firework display, which would have impressed even the dourest Mancunian, seemed ideal preparation. What followed however was a Togel Online comedy of errors: Qatar vs Uzbekistan.


I’ve never seen a stadium so disinterested in a football match. Faz and I might hail from Liverpool, a city with an almost idolatrous passion for the game, but this level of indifference to the sport is something you won’t find in many places – even Milton Keynes.


The performance of the hosts made me long for a cessation of their national alcohol restrictions, or that I too had come dressed from head-to-toe in a thobe/gutra, if only to allow me to sleep without incurring suspicion. I would have shielded my face with the “Qatar” scarf I bought outside the ground, but it was covered in Arabic writing, which could mean anything. ‘We hate football’ would be the most suitable sentiment, but that was admittedly unlikely. I decided not to risk the facial disguise, and just en-joy/dure the game.


By contrast, the handful of travelling supporters made far more entertaining viewing. They actually watched the match, and I’m pretty sure they knew the rules. (Which probably helps explain why Uzbekistan’s initial bid to host the 2022 World Cup finals got lost in the mail, somewhere over the Chatkal mountains).


Like any self-respecting European my knowledge of the Stans derives chiefly from watching Borat. I’m not certain whether Uzbekistan is one of those countries with ‘inferior potassium’ or if they are indeed a nation of ‘assholes’. I’m quite sure however that many Qataris came to the latter conclusion tonight when the visitors had the audacity to defeat the hosts in the opening game. Not that the home supporters I spoke to were in buoyant mood before kick off – and with the game only minutes old, I was able to see why.


I saw Sudan play in the African Nations tournament in Ghana a few years back, and was almost sickened by their stark …

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Butcher learns to Domino Qq relax



Terry Butcher was no wallflower during his 28-year playing, managing and punditry career in Britain but he’s quickly accepted needing to tone down his incendiary temper at Sydney FC.


It’s true, the legendary laid-back Aussie way of life is even getting to the former England captain, a man best remembered by finishing a 1989 World Cup qualifier swathed in bloodied bandages and putting his foot through a variety of dressing room doors the length and breadth of the country.


Butcher, it seems, has mellowed. The veteran of three l Domino Qq World Cup campaigns and 77 national team appearances as well as one of the country’s greatest football leaders of the past 20 years has been forced to, he says, after quickly discovering the Sir Alex Ferguson hairdryer school of management just didn’t wash with your modern Australian footballer.


He tried to make his pampered bunch at Sydney come around to the British mentality, naturally. But the methods he used to captain Rangers to three Scottish league titles and to a lesser degree help Motherwell’s revival simply failed to have the desired effect, particularly after Butcher replaced soft-talking German perfectionist Pierre Littbarski at the start of the season.


The metamorphosis came about slowly, mind. Earlier this season, for instance, Sydney’s usually affable left-back Alvin Ceccoli was suspended for swearing at Butcher after the coach had allegedly provoked him with a four-letter tirade of his own from the sidelines.


The former Ipswich centre-half, a self-acclaimed Norwich hater, also reportedly clashed with ex-Canaries midfielder turned Sydney assistant Ian Crook. The result was Crook was banished from the training ground before accepting a deal to join Littbarski at J-League second-division side Avispa Fukuoka.


But Butcher, who nowadays walks more gingerly than the commanding defender many might remember him, has admitted he’s bowed to change and adapted to the Aussie way. “I have mellowed. You have to mellow out here,” he told British football journalist Danny Kelly on the Times Online podcast last month. “It’s a different culture.


“If you rant and rave and do that sort of thing, it doesn’t wash. Your man management skills have got to be a lot better. You’ve got to be closer to the players. You can’t do those things.


“I tried early on, it didn’t work and I had to change. But you don’t drop your standards, …

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Thuram against DNA tests for immigrants to play Bandar Togel Online



The French international Lilian Thuram is known for his political and social commitment, notably when the interests of his race are threatened. Barcelona’s defender has once again risen against a controversial move of his country’s government by signing a manifest against the obligatory DNA analysis that the president Nicolas Sarkozy plans to have imposed on all foreigners wishing to move to France in order to reunite with their families.

Such an obligation would according to Thuram be discriminatory and racist.



Argentina stage a reality show with soccer fans!

An Argentinian television prepares to produce a Big Brother-type show under the name of “Reality Goal”. The show will feature 20 guys, each one a fan of one of the 20 teams of the First division.

Although the condition for participation is a fanatical support for one of the clubs, the producers hope to convey a message on a peaceful coexistence and tolerance among followers of different colours.


“We wish to show that even the supporters of rival teams can live together without any violence,” said Fabián Olemberg, the creator of the program due to start in February.

Argentina is one of the countries where the soccer-related crowd trouble is the most prominent, specially when archrivals are involved like River and Boca in Buenos Aires, Rácing and Independiente in Avellaneda or Newell’s and Central in Rosario.


Germany confirms Löw until 2010

Joachim Löw has won a reward for taking Germany through to the European Championship finals in Austria and Switzerland: the German FA has extended his contract until 2010 so the current manager will stay in his seat regardless of his team’s showing at Euro 2008.

However, Löw plans to impress the soccer public with his team’s prowess at next year’s competition.


“Our goal is to play attractive Bandar Togel Online and win the European title, even though I’m aware that each player must work to improve physically and technically,” said Löw, whose three assistants, former German internationals Hans-Dieter Flick and Andreas Köpke, and Swiss national Urs Siegenthaler were also all extended.



Cristiano Ronaldo replies Pelé: “I’m better than you think”

Manchester Utd’s ace Cristiano Ronaldo says he is a bit offended by Pelé’s somewhat unenthusiastic comments regarding his qualities.


“He must show more and keep the quality level high for a longer period of time so that we could consider him …


In-demand Kennedy ready for Bandarqq Socceroos starting berth



The irony surrounding the eternal logistical problems of representing Australia is not lost on new Socceroos super-sub Josh Kennedy.


Kennedy, one of two uncapped call-ups for the Bandarqq World Cup squad, came from the depths of second-tier German football to stamp his mark on Australia’s journey to the knockout phase with a handful of striking displays upfront.


However, now he’s reached the stage of nailing down a regular international place, the inevitable club versus country conundrum is ready to rear its ugly head.


Kennedy will receive plenty of sympathy from the likes of superstars Mark Viduka and Harry Kewell, players who between them have amassed just 60 Socceroo caps in part because of the constant headache of international travel.


But resolving the discrepancy of the striker’s twin goals is really no closer despite Australia moving into the Asian confederation earlier this year.


And representing your country hardly gets any easier when you become a high profile signing for a top-flight club preparing an assault on a UEFA Cup place this season.


That’s exactly the situation Kennedy finds himself in.


Having served his apprenticeship in Germany since age 17, the long-haired hitman penned a three-year contract with ambitious Bundesliga side Nuremberg before the World Cup.


It was an offer too good to resist after patiently building a solid reputation as a goalscorer in the lower leagues with Stuttgart Kickers and latterly Dynamo Dresden after fruitless spells with VfL Wolfsburg and FC Cologne in the top division.


However, now six painstaking years of steady progress have paid off, how can the amiable Kennedy reward his new employer’s faith with continuous trips down under to represent his homeland?


“It’s definitely a touchy situation,” Kennedy admitted to Soccerphile during a two-week break in Australia after the World Cup. “We’ll definitely have to weigh up what’s the best thing at club level and at the same time keeping my Australian commitments without making either side angry.


“I’ll talk to the coach (Hans Meyer) when I get back to Nuremberg and no doubt will be in contact with Australia as well. Hopefully we can balance it pretty well.


“[But] the hardest thing to do is to balance both at the same time and keep everybody happy.


“I’ve made it clear to the Football Federation that I’d love to play every game. …

judi slot

Poker: the big deal Judi Slot



On May 19, three days before the World Series began, May and his pal Donnie Sinkhorn of Louisville stuffed a few thou in their trou and flew to Las Vegas to take a stab at qualifying for the world’s most lucrative poker tournament.


May, 36, not only qualified, he togel singapore made it to the third round — outlasting the guys who finished 1-2 in last year’s World Series, the pinnacle of what might be the fastest growing game in America, not to mention one of the hottest shows on cable TV.


Bryan Dillon, a 49-year-old lawyer from Prospect, Ky., fared even better. He parlayed a $75 entry fee in an online tournament into a $10,000 payday at the World Series, where he finished 192nd.


“It’s the most physically grueling Togel Singapore experience I’ve ever been through,” said Dillon, who played 25 hours over three days. “You can’t imagine how fatiguing it is to concentrate that hard for that long.”


Donnie Sinkhorn plays regularly. “Poker is getting ridiculously huge,” he said.


Photo by Michael Hayman, The Courier-Journal Only 226 players earned a check, less than 10 percent of the total entrants — a pool that tripled in size this year.


“Poker is getting ridiculously huge,” said Sinkhorn, 28. “I know hundreds of guys from around here who play on a regular basis. I play once a week with nine or 10 friends, and once a month we have a 54-player tournament. It’s a phenomenon that’s really taking off.”


Is it ever. More than $100million is bet every day in online Togel Singapore poker games, according to, an industry Web site. The total purse for this year’s World Series of Poker was a staggering $49 million.


The poker boom has been the subject of recent stories in Time, Forbes, Sports Illustrated and The New York Times, and it has been mined for hit TV series by Bravo, the Travel Channel and ESPN.


It’s impossible to precisely measure the game’s popularity at the grassroots level, but anecdotal evidence abounds. Texas Hold ‘Em is the game of choice not only in the World Series of Poker and Bravo’s “Celebrity Poker Showdown,” but also for local fund-raisers staged by St. Therese Catholic Church and the Center for Women and Families.


The game’s explosive growth is judi slot perhaps best illustrated by …

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