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If you have any questions which are not answered below, please feel free to leave a question in a comment to this post and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

Some frequently asked questions…

Q. If I do a noWax in my town first does it mean no one else can do one there?

A. Yep, there’s no point in having two noWax nights running in the same town run by different people. If someone in your town requests to do one there too then we can put you in contact with each other and you can do it together. Up to you.

Q. How often do I have to do a noWax?

A. Up to you. Do it once if you like, then if you don’t like it, stop. But in reality it will take a few to get off the ground and build up a following.

Q. Can I change the format of the night?

A. We’re up for debate, but to keep the noWax nights the same we’d like you to stick to our format although that format is quite flexible.

Q. Can I make any money from this?

A. If you think you can make some cash on the door or charge people to play it’s up to you.

Q. Can people play if they don’t have iPods?

A. Of course. noWax gets press on the back of the iPod so the two seem linked sometimes, but the night is open to any flavour of MP3 junkie.

Q. How far ahead should I book a venue?

A. We normally recommend about a month or more. This will give you time to build up some excitement, get flyers printed etc.

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