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This is how we do it

So you’d like to join some of the successful DIY promoters around the world and host your own noWax. It’s easy…

Doesn’t matter where you are. It doesn’t have to be big, it can just be you and a few of your mates. That’s how we started. All you need to do is:

1. The Venue
Firstly, you need to book a venue for your night. We’ve found that small intimate places work best but if you have other ideas you think will work go for it. Bar owners are usually up for any interesting nights that will draw a crowd to their bar. They may even offer to pay for promotion, after all you’re making them money by bringing people to their bar. The bar has obviously got to have a good sound system also. It seems obvious but it’s a key point as some people who play may have dodgy MP3s and the more the sound system can cover for this the better.

2. The noWax Print Packs
Once you’ve booked a venue you’ll need flyer-tickets and posters to promote your night. On this website you’ll find finished flyer-tickets and posters for you to download and use immediately. We suggest that you get an ink stamp made to stamp the backs of your printed flyer-tickets with details of your night. You can use a marker pen to fill in the posters with the details of your night. For the designers amongst you, we provide InDesign files for you to make your own promotional materals. You will need to requisition a slide projector or data projector from somewhere and we will then send you the noWax numbered slides and cases for the queuing system. If you use a data projector then we’ll send you the noWax queing PDF if you can only get a slide projector we have also provided a PDF which you can download and have printed onto film to make your own slides. Ask your local printer.

3. Promotion
Once the venue and date is booked you’ll want to talk about your night. We have a few ideas how you might do this on this website.

  • Create a blog or website to write about your night
  • Create a flickr account to post photos of your night
  • Create a group within a social networking site to promote your night
  • Etc.

That’s about it. Still up for it?

For more detailed instructions please download the instructions pdf.

Any questions or problems? Please the FAQs page.

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