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Not all of the slot machine gaming options at Titan Casino online are based on Marvel superheroes like Wolverine slots. In fact, many are based on other, more independent Hollywood ventures that are no less thrilling and engaging for casino gaming fans everywhere. Case in point: Titan Casino’s Mummy slots machine, which hearkens back to a blockbuster 1999 movie while also giving a brief refresher course in ancient Egyptian history.


Are you feeling nostalgic for the 1990s? Need a little Brendan Fraser in your life again? Or better yet, do you miss the good old days of yore (i.e., 5,000 years ago) when we wrapped our corpses up before burying them? In either event, be sure to log on to Titan Casino and check out the mummy of all casino games.


Mummification through the Ages

Historical accounts may vary, but the timeline of mummification dates back to approximately 3500 B.C., when the first evidence of intentional mummification was found in Egypt. The natives used to encase their dead in resin and linen wrappings before burying them. The Egyptians also used chemicals and cool storage conditions to keep the body from decaying any further. This way, they kept the bodies as intact as possible, as a way of honoring the dead.


Historical evidence indicates that over a million bodies were mummified in Egypt, spanning many centuries – and they weren’t all humans. The Egyptians typically reserved mummification for their most respected elders, including pharaohs, but they also performed the act for cats and other beloved and revered animals.


Though mummies were obviously most common in Egypt, there are also accounts of the dead being wrapped up in ancient South American and Asian cultures, as well as more recently, during the Middle Ages in Italy and Denmark, among other European nations. Mummies have thus been a nearly constant presence throughout history.


Big-Screen Blockbuster

Mummies have also had plenty of exposure in pop culture, such as the 1932 movie “The Mummy,” which starred Boris Karloff as Imhotep, and four later films in the 1940s from Universal Studios. But in 1999, mummies really hit the big time, as Fraser and Rachel Weisz achieved commercial success playing two Egyptologists who are terrorized by a reanimated mummy that’s on the prowl.


In the movie, mankind eventually triumphs – the zombie Imhotep becomes mortal again, and Fraser’s character Rick O’Connell summons the strength to stab the mummy, presumably to death. But in his final moments (spoiler alert!), the mummy vows his revenge, memorably declaring to Rick that “Death is only the beginning.”


Check Out Titan’s Mummy Slots

Thanks to sg bet casino  slot gaming experience, you too can travel to the ancient Egyptian pyramids and relive the experience of battling the mummy on his home turf. The Mummy slots machine will surely prove just as thrilling as the Hollywood film. Just like a pyramid, this game is loaded with treasures, just waiting for you to dig them up. You might find bonus games – or better yet, you could uncover a trove of cold, hard cash.


Titan Casino’s “Mummy” game includes a Lost City Adventure Bonus round as well. If you succeed during this bonus stage, you get to choose from a series of free features that might result in a big payday, including the Scarab Attack and the Mummy Power. You might even win a wild mega-spin that will bring you one step closer to treasure.

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