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Poker: the big deal Judi Slot

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On May 19, three days before the World Series began, May and his pal Donnie Sinkhorn of Louisville stuffed a few thou in their trou and flew to Las Vegas to take a stab at qualifying for the world’s most lucrative poker tournament.


May, 36, not only qualified, he togel singapore made it to the third round — outlasting the guys who finished 1-2 in last year’s World Series, the pinnacle of what might be the fastest growing game in America, not to mention one of the hottest shows on cable TV.


Bryan Dillon, a 49-year-old lawyer from Prospect, Ky., fared even better. He parlayed a $75 entry fee in an online tournament into a $10,000 payday at the World Series, where he finished 192nd.


“It’s the most physically grueling Togel Singapore experience I’ve ever been through,” said Dillon, who played 25 hours over three days. “You can’t imagine how fatiguing it is to concentrate that hard for that long.”


Donnie Sinkhorn plays regularly. “Poker is getting ridiculously huge,” he said.


Photo by Michael Hayman, The Courier-Journal Only 226 players earned a check, less than 10 percent of the total entrants — a pool that tripled in size this year.


“Poker is getting ridiculously huge,” said Sinkhorn, 28. “I know hundreds of guys from around here who play on a regular basis. I play once a week with nine or 10 friends, and once a month we have a 54-player tournament. It’s a phenomenon that’s really taking off.”


Is it ever. More than $100million is bet every day in online Togel Singapore poker games, according to pokerpulse.com, an industry Web site. The total purse for this year’s World Series of Poker was a staggering $49 million.


The poker boom has been the subject of recent stories in Time, Forbes, Sports Illustrated and The New York Times, and it has been mined for hit TV series by Bravo, the Travel Channel and ESPN.


It’s impossible to precisely measure the game’s popularity at the grassroots level, but anecdotal evidence abounds. Texas Hold ‘Em is the game of choice not only in the World Series of Poker and Bravo’s “Celebrity Poker Showdown,” but also for local fund-raisers staged by St. Therese Catholic Church and the Center for Women and Families.


The game’s explosive growth is judi slot perhaps best illustrated by a few key stats from the World Series on ESPN.


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