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Basic, Progressive, Bonus, Video, fruit machine, bells, bars, 7’s, fish, pigs, cows, blue, red, green and purple: so many graphic & payout choices for slot players today! I was overwhelmed, as I am sure you are with slots choices. All Slots Made Easier sorts out this mountain of information, guiding you to the winning slots. As with all the Casino Gambling Made Easier books, e-books and booklets, we produce an easy read and highlight the better choices to educate all casino players in the practice of intelligent gambling. New Bonus Slots offering a “second chance” to accumulate winnings are highlighted in Chapter 3. Strategies for the novice, intermediate and aggressive player are provided. Of course, specific strategies and techniques are offered for basic and progressive slots too. Comps and top slots in Vegas, Laughlin, rest of U.S. and Canada are here also. Let’s begin your All Slots Made Easier education….

Excerpt of Chapter 1


Basic or Straight Slots: the vanguard of the casino and the biggest-money maker. Basic slots are still the top choice, although watch out for Bonus slots along with Progressives: a real casino horse race! Basic or Straight slots have a constant top jackpot payout that does not change no matter how much the machine is played. They also have an unchanging payback percentage rate. Straight slots tend to give smaller wins to keep you in business and extend your playing time.


The outside of basic machines have standard features, but few people know what goes on inside. That’s where the computerized random number generator, or RNG, resides. The RNG randomly selects hundreds of numbers every second. Each number corresponds to a certain symbol combination that will appear if the machine is played at that precise moment. The RNG works even when the machine is idle. So, if no one is playing when the RNG selects a winning combination—let’s say at 5:26 a.m. on October 6—then that Togel Hongkong winning combination passes without notice. Your timing has to be correct down to the last millisecond to catch the machine when its RNG comes up with a winner. Also, the RNG does not remember what it has done in the past. So it could pay off again quickly. Therefore, after any jackpot win, try three more pulls. If you get nothing in return, move on and congratulate yourself on the big win.


Let’s take a look at the terms loose and tight slots. Slot machines generally have paybacks between 92 and 98.5% at major gambling meccas: Nevada, Atlantic City, Foxwoods and Mississippi state where competition ups the payout percentages. 80% maximums are common outside these meccas, particularly Indian gaming casinos and Riverboats. Slots with higher payout probabilities (percentage rates) are called loose. On the other hand, tight slots have lower payout % probabilities. A machine will pay a couple of coins on a certain symbol combination, such as two or three cherries. If these cherries replace a couple of lemons or a symbol that doesn’t pay, presto—you have a loose machine. In a tight slot, the reverse is true. In other words, the more paying symbols a slot machine has, the greater the probability of payouts.





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