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So obesity, according to Minart, is “both a real threat and a real business. The pharmaceutical business is the second-largest investor in volume behind the automobile industry in this country, where more than half of the population Judi Online24jam has no health insurance.” He says “this may be the land of the hamburger – but hamburger is not good for your health. Junk food plus TV equals short life.”


Now there’s something even juicier in the horizon. The first results of a new medicine that acts directly on the causes of obesity were revealed at the latest congress of the American College of Cardiology. “It has a revolutionary potential,” says Minart. This latest frontier is a smart drug – a weight-loss pill. “It acts directly on the rewarding centers in the brain, so you have less stimulation. The same receptors are found in the adipocytes [fat cells]. The drug has a central action over the centers of pleasure and Judi Online24jam the adipocytes. The result: you eat less, you stop smoking and your waistline is reduced.”


The whole, multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry is involved in this breakthrough. “The first smart drug was Prozac. Another great example is Viagra. Prozac, Viagra and the weight-loss pill are lifestyle drugs.” Sipping the last of his martini, paying no attention to the chill-out lounge music on offer, but always pointing out potential stroke victims crowding at the bar, Minart enunciates his formula for the future: “Be positive, take Prozac. Have good sex, take Viagra. Look smart, take the weight-loss pill.” Cynics would argue about the side effects on the libido. The answer would be circular: take more Viagra.


America is already a pill-popping nation – and there’s many a place in Vegas, including the Tabu ultra-lounge, where patrons happily imbibe their “secstasy cocktails”, Viagra included. But if a combination of Prozac, Viagra and the weight-loss pill Judi Online24jam may represent the ultimate bright future of the American consuming hordes, there’s always that nagging question of money, and where will it come from to finance so much fun?


Bring on the dancing fountains


Answering this question requires a tortuous pilgrimage through the interconnected bowels of casino-land as we look for a specialist in casino economics. We’re ultimately lucky: we find a character who is happy to talk but requires anonymity. Let’s call him Dan the Fat Cat.


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