Party Togel Gaming emerged leader in the race to acquire Victor Chandler



Party Gaming would use the $500 Million debt facility it secured at the end of June to finance the deal.


After recently acquiring Gamebookers for £69 Million, the move for Victor Chandler, which does not accept US bets, would confirm Party’s ambition of further reducing its dependency on US revenues.


When news of a possible acquisition of Victor Chandler first appeared in July, Glenn Cooper of Zeus Capital, the financial advisers to Victor Chandler, “One must notice the size of the (Victor Chandler) business, the fact that it is all non-US bets and has strong links in Asia, which is an area everyone recognises as one of great potential. When you put all those factors together and look at the companies that want to reduce their dependency on the US market, those are the ones we would have expected to hear from.”


The Asian market in particular would present strong growth opportunities for Party. However, some industry sources said they were unsure as to how much reliability could be placed on claims of egaming growth in the Far East. This is due in large part to a lack of reliable data on the region and payment and language issues.


One source also pointed out that in Europe Victor Chandler gets much of its business from the highly competitive UK market, and on the whole is viewed as a niche bookmaker that made most of its money by catering to high rollers. This would clash with operators’ strategy of looking for recreational punters and taking their brands mainstream.


Ex-BetOnSports CEO David Carruthers Released On Bail


Former BetOnSports chief executive, David Carruthers, was reportedly released from prison on Wednesday after posting the required $1 million dollar-bail raised by his erstwhile company.


As part of the bail requirements, Mr Carruthers has been ordered to stay in St Louis, Missouri, and will be fitted with an electronic tag to monitor his movements during the course of the trial.


Reports suggest that Carruthers is likely to finance his own legal defence, although BetOnSports has claimed that it will provide the funding for his attorneys. This is despite the company’s decision to withhold the payment of deposits to its customers, with many claiming to be owed five figure sums.


US Attorney Catherine Hanaway has ordered all customer deposits be paid immediately, implying that further actions …

Togel Hongkong





Basic, Progressive, Bonus, Video, fruit machine, bells, bars, 7’s, fish, pigs, cows, blue, red, green and purple: so many graphic & payout choices for slot players today! I was overwhelmed, as I am sure you are with slots choices. All Slots Made Easier sorts out this mountain of information, guiding you to the winning slots. As with all the Casino Gambling Made Easier books, e-books and booklets, we produce an easy read and highlight the better choices to educate all casino players in the practice of intelligent gambling. New Bonus Slots offering a “second chance” to accumulate winnings are highlighted in Chapter 3. Strategies for the novice, intermediate and aggressive player are provided. Of course, specific strategies and techniques are offered for basic and progressive slots too. Comps and top slots in Vegas, Laughlin, rest of U.S. and Canada are here also. Let’s begin your All Slots Made Easier education….

Excerpt of Chapter 1


Basic or Straight Slots: the vanguard of the casino and the biggest-money maker. Basic slots are still the top choice, although watch out for Bonus slots along with Progressives: a real casino horse race! Basic or Straight slots have a constant top jackpot payout that does not change no matter how much the machine is played. They also have an unchanging payback percentage rate. Straight slots tend to give smaller wins to keep you in business and extend your playing time.


The outside of basic machines have standard features, but few people know what goes on inside. That’s where the computerized random number generator, or RNG, resides. The RNG randomly selects hundreds of numbers every second. Each number corresponds to a certain symbol combination that will appear if the machine is played at that precise moment. The RNG works even when the machine is idle. So, if no one is playing when the RNG selects a winning combination—let’s say at 5:26 a.m. on October 6—then that Togel Hongkong winning combination passes without notice. Your timing has to be correct down to the last millisecond to catch the machine when its RNG comes up with a winner. Also, the RNG does not remember what it has done in the past. So it could pay off again quickly. Therefore, after any jackpot win, try three more pulls. If you get nothing in return, move on and congratulate yourself on the big win.


Togel Hongkong




Betting The Pass Line

When the “shooter” rolls a 7 or 11 on the first throw (The “Come-out” roll) it is refer to as a “natural” and an automatic win. On the other hand, if 2, 3 or 12 rolls, it is called, “craps” and you lose your “Pass Line” bet. Any other number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) becomes your “Point.” You win if the “Point” repeats before 7 rolls, and you lose if 7 show before your “Point.” Is made. Place these bets in the area marked “Pass Line” on the layout.


When it is your turn to throw the craps dice, you must determine whether to bet the pass line or the don’t pass line. Most shooters, as well as most of the other craps players at the table, will bet the pass line, as it is the basic wager of craps.&C


The pass line wager is an even money bet that wins if you either roll a total of 7 or 11 on the come-out roll, or if you throw a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 on the come-out roll and repeat that number before you roll a 7. The pass line bet loses if the come-out roll is a 2, 3, or 12 (known as “craps”) or when a 7 is rolled before the established point number is repeated.


If you successfully complete a pass, – that is, if you repeat an established point number before throwing a 7-, you get to roll the dice again. Only when you seven-out will the stickman push the dice to the next player in succession.


Once you have established a point, if you roll a number other than your point or a 7, it is disregard as far as pass line bets are concerned, although these additional rolls do affect other bets that can be made at the craps table.


As an example, suppose you have established a point of 8 on the come-out roll. If you next throw a 3, then a 5, a 9, and a 10, these numbers will be ignored for pass line bets. But if you then roll 7, you will lose your pass line wager, since the 7 came up before your point number.


Out of 990 decisions at the craps table you can expect to lose 14 decisions more …

Data Sgp

Gambling Addiction: Stop Data Sgp Gambling Your Future Away Because You Truly Will If You Do Not Stop



Gambling addiction is a horrible disease. Many do not call gambling addiction a disease because it sounds like a medical condition or something that is uncontrollable.


The word disease actually means “to be dis at ease” with a certain ailment or condition. Calling gambling addiction a disease just means that a person is dis at ease with gambling.


This does not mean that the gambler has no personal responsibility over his or her problem. A person with a severe gambling problem or compulsive gambling problem must take personal responsibility to stop gambling, or else every aspect of life can be ruined as he or she knows it.


Gambling problems destroy lives, and not only destroy the gamblers’ life but the loved ones that are part of the compulsive gamblers’ life as well.


Gambling addiction is a silent addiction, and this addiction can go on in a person long before any loved one, including friends and family find out about this.


You cannot smell gambling on someone (except when they were in a smoke filled casino), or you cannot see it in their eyes or their body movements.


The only way you may be able to discover that a loved one has a gambling problem is if you take a look at their bank account and see numerous ATM withdrawals on the same day from a casino or racetrack. That alone is a very strong indicator, however, that discovery is usually by the spouse or perhaps parent of the gambler.


So why does the gambling addict throw away his or her future because of a gambling addiction? How does this actually happen, and why?


*A gambling addiction is a progressive disease, and tends to get worse over time. Usually what happens is that the gambler builds a tolerance to the bet, and it requires a much higher wager over time to establish the same type of “gamblers high”. You see, a gambling addict does not really gamble to win. A gambling addict gambles to get high, and continue playing as long as possible. It is not about the win, but the means to the win. Gambling addiction is a means in itself, and not a means to an end. The gambling addict wants to stay in action as long as possible.


*Because bets tend to increase over time, and the …

Togel Singapore

Noble Togel Singapore Announces New 60% Reload Bonus Up To $200



Players can earn an amazing bonus based on their additional deposits at Noble Poker.


(PRWEB) May 5, 2005 — Noble Poker, one of the online industry’s leading fully-supported Poker Card Rooms, announced today that it will grant its players an unprecedented 60% Reload Bonus of up to $200 when they make additional deposits at the site.


The Reload Bonus will be awarded to depositing players on an incremental basis as they qualify for it, Noble Poker Marketing Spokesman Jonathan Kaye announced.


“Any hand our players participate in, in which they contribute money to the pot by either placing one of the blinds or by making a bet, will award them with Crowns, Noble Poker’s unique Player Points,” he explained. “Small table stake games will award participating players with one Crown, while larger stake games will award participating players with up to three Crowns. For every 125 Crowns a player has earned, he will be rewarded with $10.”


The system is not at all complicated, Kaye explained. Players will be given weekly statements showing the amount of Crowns they have accumulated, so that they know precisely when they will receive the next incremental payment of their Reload Bonus. “Players will keep on playing, and we’ll keep on giving them bonuses, up to a maximum Reload Bonus of $200,” he said.


The Crown system is being used quite successfully with Noble Poker’s ongoing 100% Matching First Deposit Bonus, Kaye added. Exact terms and conditions for the Reload Bonus offer have been posted on the Noble Poker website.


Noble Poker stages Togel Singapore a weekly Depositors Freeroll, giving all depositors a chance to win their share of a $1,000 prize pool. Noble Poker also holds satellite tournaments leading up to weekly and monthly tournaments awarding large cash prizes and entry packages to some of the major online competitions, including the World Series of Poker. Players who accumulate at least 50 raked hands are entitled to participate in a special daily $300 Freeroll.


About Noble Poker

Noble Poker ( is one of the online gaming industry’s leading fully-supported Poker Card Rooms. Noble Poker’s software was developed by Playtech, an online gaming software company with vast experience from the “brick and mortar” casino world. rates Noble Poker’s software as “excellent,” and singles out its avatar-choosing option, search facility, amazing sound effects and rake visibility as …

Bitcoin Dice

8 things you need to know before playing Bitcoin Dice



The next big open-world shooter is here. The Division puts you in the trendy hiking boots of a sleeper agent from an organization called the Division with a mission to bring peace back to a chaotic, post-viral outbreak New York City. The open-world shooter is much more than your typical third-person action game: there is a vast world to explore, complicated co-op missions to accomplish, and high-value items to be crafted.


There’s so much to do in The Division, in fact, that it can be a little overwhelming. Sure, it’s easy to follow the mission structure, but if you don’t pay attention to the minutiae, you might miss out of some significant character-building bonuses.


After the first few missions, you should have the three wings (medical, tech, and security) of your Base of Operations unlocked. From this point, additional combat abilities, passive perks, and specialized talents are unlocked by completing orange, green, and blue missions on the map and earning supplies in the respective medical, tech, or security wing. Once you collect more than 200 supplies for a wing, make sure you upgrade it. This way you can make use of the more powerful abilities, passive bonuses, free item drops that come as the upgrade rewards.


Walking through the dangerous streets of The Division’s New York City can be quite daunting, and you probably wouldn’t want to do it every time you need to reach a mission area. When you unlock a safe house, it provides you with a fast travel point, a weapon or equipment vendor, and additional missions in the vicinity. Each safe house contains a map of the immediate area and a JTF soldier that gives you a situation report. When you interact with the map and get the report, your map is filled with encounter events and side missions to complete. The encounters and side missions are excellent places to gather crafting materials, new gear, and experience points. If you’re heading to a new area, seeking out a safe house is well worth your time.


Armor and weapons aren’t the only items that will make you visually stand out from the crowd; you can create unique outfits by finding pieces of clothing out in the near-abandoned city. You might be lucky enough to get a cosmetic item from a drop after a shootout, but a few other methods are highly …

Togel Hari Ini





Across Europe online casino gaming is more popular than ever. Membership levels are up, prize levels are up, player interaction is at near all time highs and gaming blogs are full of recommendations of popular online casinos. With all this positivity surrounding the market, it is no surprise to see nation after nation looking to get a piece of the action. In fact, even unregulated European markets are positing positive results with views to full-regulation in the future. One nation that definitely fits into that description is the Netherlands. The Dutch are seeing the green shoots of progress emerge when it comes to online casino gaming.


Market Improvements


The Netherlands based online casino market intrigues many analysts, largely as while unregulated at this point, they are still showing increasingly positive signs. Considered a fertile test market to some, the country’s gaming governing body has posted results that show 7.6% market growth, with more to come in the eyes of Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) before 2015 ends. In terms of financials, gross gambling revenues are set to hit record highs or near €300 million. Considering the amount of players playing online the figure has caught many off guard. The current population of the Netherlands is 16.9 million, with only 437,000 actually gambling online. Many wonder if such engagement was able to generate nearly €300 million, what an increase could do.


Men Remain Active


Looking at who’s playing and when in more detail, it seems that men still rule the roost in such regard. Men make up the most prominent gender in the world of online casino gaming, with women placing more focus on online bingo than anything else. As activity levels have grown, so have the calls to monitor addiction levels in the market too, but even that has returned positive news. The KSA’s report shows that only 5.2% were showing signs of addiction, a figure that is much lower than elsewhere within Europe at this time.


Calls for Regulation


Given all the positivity emerging from the Netherlands, along with the praise that the market is receiving on gambling portals throughout Europe, calls for regulation have got louder. However, while it seems that many feel regulation could improve the Netherlands’s online casino gaming market to no end, the actual Gaming Bill is currently held up in Dutch Government. It seems that arguments surrounding tax …


Agen Taruhan Judi Bola Online Minimal Bandarqq Deposit 50 Ribu



Agen Taruhan Judi Bola Online Minimal Deposit 50 RibuKemajuan akan permainan judi bola online semakin hangat saja untuk dibicarakan karena banyak sekali pihak yang melakukan bisnis perjudian bola online guna untuk meraup keuntungan dari setiap bettor yang bergabung atau melakukan pendaftaran ditempat agen judi bola online tersebut. Bila anda seorang pemain baru dalam taruhan judi bola online dan anda ingin melakukan pendaftaran disalah satu agen judi bola online maka kami sarankan kepada anda agar memilih agen taruhan judi bola online minimal deposit 50 ribu supaya nanti anda tidak mengalami kekalahan yang banyak pada waktu bermain taruhan bola onlinenya. Tetapi rasanya masih ada yang kurang bila mana anda hanya memilih agen taruhan judi bola online minimal deposit 50 ribu karena itu belum cukup bisa memastikan anda akan bermain judi bola onlinenya dengan rasa nyaman nantinya. Maka dari itu alangkah sempurnanya jika anda memilih agen taruhan judi bola online minimal deposit 50 ribu serta terpercaya pastinya agar lebih sempurna lagi dan anda juga akan lebih nyaman pastinya saat memasang taruhan bola onlinenya.


Namun bagaimana nasib para bettor yang tidak memiliki modal dan mereka juga ingin mendapatkan pemasukan tambahan dari permainan judi bola online ini? Kami sebagai website judi bola online terpercaya yakni menyarankan anda untuk membaca sebentara tentang Bermain Judi Online Tanpa Harus Deposit agar para bettor yang tidak memiliki modal juga bisa bermain serta berkesempatan untuk mencicip rezeki tambahan dari permainan judi bola online. Kembali lagi pada topik pembahasan diatas, dimana bila anda ingin bermain taruhan bola online maka carilah webiste agen judi bola online dengan minimal deposit 50 ribu supaya anda tidak terbanyak mengeluarkan modal saat bermain taruhan judi bola onlinenya dan anda juga terhindar dari kekalahan yang banyak juga Bandarqq pastinya jika nanti anda kurang beruntung dalam permainan judi bola online. Jadi pemilihan website agen judi bola online sangat berpengaruh besar akan pendapatan yang bakal nanti anda peroleh saat bermain taruhan bola online.


Ada satu hal penting juga yang harus anda ingat saat melakukan pendaftaran nanti yaitu anda harus memberikan semua data diri anda secara benar karena jika data yang anda berikan tidak benar serta bersalahan maka akan menjadi faktor problem yang besar nantinya. Dimana saat anda telah mendapatkan rezeki tambahan dari taruhan bola online dan otomatis anda akan menyuruh pihak agen untuk memproses dana kemenangan tadi ditransfer kedalam rekening anda pastinya. Jika pada waktu pendaftaran anda memberikan data diri yang tidak benar seperti …





Agen betting akan coba memberikan info bagaimana sensasi di permainan taruhan bola online. Begitu banyaknya orang yang terkena kasus penangkapan yang dilkaukan oleh pihak berwajib pada penggemar judi. Jangan sampai hal tersebut terjadi pada anda. Karena setiap penggemar judi selalu ingin mendapatkan keuntungan dari permainan judi tersebut. Untuk menuju permainan judi yang menghasilkan banyak uang yaitu dengan memainkan permainan judi di agen taruhan bola online tepercaya. Dengan bergabung dan memainkan permainan taruhan bola online tepercaya anda bisa mendapatkan uang dalam jumlah besar.


Rasakan sensasi tersendiri di permainan taruhan bola online. Datangnya ajang sepak bola menjadikan salah satu bahan utama untuk bermain taruhan. Pasti anda menyukai permainan sepak bola. jika anda terus mengamati pertandingan sepak bola yang akan anda letakan taruhan mungkin anda akan mendapatkan prediksi yang baik dan berkemungkinan besar mendapatkan banyak sekali keuntungan. oleg sebab itu jika anda sedang bermain-main di dalam internet untuk mendapatkan hiburan, segera menuju pada situs judi online yang menguntungkan.


Agen Bola akan membawa anda untuk mendapatkan keuntungan yang sangat besar. Akan tetapi pada saat mengunjungi situs judi online anda harus menuju pada agen taruhan bola online tepercaya. Dengan menuju ke tempat taruhan yang aman dan nyaman anda pun juga dapat memperoleh penghasilan uang yang sangat Bola88 memuaskan. Jika ingin bergabung, segera mendaftar pada agen taruhan bola online tepercaya tersebut untuk menjadi anggota. Setelah anda menjadi anggota di dalam agen tepercaya tersebut mungkin anda dengan mudah mendapatkan uang yang sangat besar nilainya.




Agen betting akan coba memberikan sebuah info mengenai sepak bola yang bawa keuntungan banyak terutama pada judi bola. Pada masing-masing jenis olahraga yang paling banyak di sukai semua orang di seluruh dunia adalah sepak bola. Padahal olahraga yang ada sangat banyak sekali. Dengan menggemari sepak bola akan selalu mendatangkan keuntungan besar, Itulah alasan orang lebih memilih olahraga sepak bola. permainan sepak bola sangat sering sekali digunakan untuk ajang taruhan bola. pasti anda saat melihat pertandingan sepak bola besar secara bersama-sama akan diajak untuk memasang taruhan.


Jangan memilih sembarang tempat untuk bermain taruhan bola, karena jika bermain taruhan bola tidak pada tempatnya tidak akan menguntungkan. Di jaman yang semakin maju dan perkembangan tehnologi semakin baik telah muncul internet. Pada internet juga bisa menjadi perantara bermain taruhan bola untuk itu kami sarankan untuk bermain judi di internet dengan bergabung di agen taruhan bola online terpercaya. Semua penggemar judi pasti lebih memilih …

Bitcoin Dice

All time’s twenty greatest scary Bitcoin Dice games



Nothing in gaming can get to you, help you forget where you are and fully immerse you, than a good horror. Unlike movies, you aren’t just watching the horror happen on screen, you’re the one fighting the monsters, dodging the slasher, or, if you mess up, getting your head chopped off. To prove our point, we’ve put together a list of the best scary games to try out.


Each entry on our ranked list isn’t just a great game, they also expertly crafted horrifying experiences that are sure to make your heart race in fear and give you nightmares. If you think you’re brave enough, our list begins with…


Silent Hill loves to play the player, as much as the player loves playing it. The series made its name by creating shifting, metaphorical worlds that forced you to consider the reality, the meaning and the underlying truth of every situation you were placed in. Where Shattered Memories distinguished itself was in how it turned your very console against you. Also, it quite literally told you that it was going to play you. Challenge accepted.


The superior Wii version used the tinny, horrible speakers of the Wiimote into weapons, piping through sinister phone calls and fizzing like the worst surround sound system ever created. Then there’s the way it alters itself based on your answers to psychological questions, reimagining the original Silent Hill as part-Rorschach test for the player, facing you with the very horrors you’ve been forced to imagine. It’s as smart as it is scary.


Forget your name – in this free indie horror Bitcoin Dice game, you’re called only by your title: D-9341. You’re a test subject captured by a secret organization known as SCP Foundation, which, for reasons unknown, has captured various supernatural creatures and anomalies for study, the likes of which shouldn’t exist in the real world. Of course, the facility in which all these deadly things are housed suffers a (surprise!) containment breach, and it’s up to you to escape with your life. Easier said than done.


The research facility is randomly generated for each playthrough, and you’ll be relentlessly hunted by various SCPs – the aforementioned creatures/anomalies – as you try to escape and uncover what went down. Central to the game’s fright factor is its blink mechanic. Every few seconds, you’ll be forced to blink, which …

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